Connect .NET and your IBM i with NTi for immediate access to data, programs and much more, with no constraints and no limits.
Exploit the full potential of your IBM i, AS400, iSeries. Easily develop and deploy modern business applications with containerization, for perfect optimization of your resources, with a lightweight solution accessible to all.

Behind this option,

a revolution

At AUMERIAL, we understand that time and expertise are your priorities. We also understand the challenges associated with using traditional systems such as the AS400. Although it has its own specific features, it remains an important symbol of your know-how and proven technical expertise.

Faced with the challenges of cost, security and training, as well as rapidly evolving technologies, particularly in the field of AI, the urgency of adapting and safeguarding your business is obvious.

That's why we've designed NTi: an innovative solution that modernizes your entire operation, effectively complementing the endurance and reliability of your IBM i, while preparing you for the technological challenges of today and tomorrow.

image illustrant un ordinateur portable avec IBM i et application .NET

Why .Net?

An asset of choice
for your applications

In today's business world, where agility and responsiveness are essential, .NET technology in conjunction with your IBM i represents a strategic opportunity for your company.

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Proven durability

Recognized for its reliability, Microsoft's .NET ensures performance and stability for enterprise applications.

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Functional Wealth

With .NET, develop complex, high-performance cross-platform applications tailored to your specific business needs.

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Optimal integration

NTi provides .NET with an optimized gateway to IBM i systems. This collaboration enables companies to modernize their infrastructure while maintaining the efficiency of existing systems.

logo NTi, connecteur pour IBM i depuis .NET

A class apart !


NTi sets the standard, offering an ultra-lightweight, less expensive, higher-performance alternative to current solutions. Unlike traditional connectors, which have evolved little over the last 20 years, NTi embodies innovation, enabling rapid, seamless integration into existing environments.

Our product excels in terms of speed and efficiency, surpassing current solutions. Its architectural neutrality ensures extensive compatibility, already positioning it as a leader in its field, eliminating any form of external dependency.

One of NTi's major assets is its full compatibility with DOCKER . This essential feature offers companies unprecedented flexibility and enhanced security. It facilitates the transition to cloud- and container-based architectures, while ensuring seamless integration that complies with current standards.

Image performance rapidité produit Nti d'Aumerial, la référence en intégration .NET et IBM i
Image efficacité du Produit Nti d'Aumerial


The strength of our solution lies in its ability to simplify the life and work of your developers.
NTi works by simply overloading .NET without altering its ease of use. All you need to know is C#, SQL and HTML, making IBM i accessible to all developers, whatever their experience. This simplicity of use is essential for teams seeking to maximize their productivity without encountering superfluous technical complexities.

NTi goes even further. Let's take a concrete example: imagine deploying an application on a simple Raspberry Pi, an affordable device costing around 100 euros. You want this application to be able to access DB2 for i or the programs on your IBM i, to manage and process your company's vital data.

With NTi, this configuration becomes a reality. Unlike today's costly and cumbersome connectors, NTi allows this application to run efficiently on your Raspberry Pi, dramatically reducing infrastructure costs without compromising performance, opening up new possibilities for integration and development.


In terms of running costs, NTi represents a major advance over conventional solutions. Its simplified structure and operational efficiency translate into substantial savings for companies.

The financial impact of IT operations is considerably reduced. Its light weight means fewer resources consumed and lower maintenance costs, without sacrificing application quality and performance. This is particularly relevant for companies concerned with maintaining tight budgets, while seeking to modernize and improve their infrastructures.

By adopting our product, you can now benefit from a solution that not only optimizes operational expenditure, but also positions your IT infrastructures for a scalable and economically viable future.

Image économie du produit Nti d'Aumerial, sécurisez vos investissement


the only limit
is your imagination!

Agility and enhanced collaboration

.NET naturally offers adaptability to DevOps and CI/CD practices. NTi extends this capability to the IBM i! ecosystem.

This exclusive synergy boosts developer productivity through the full availability of .NET tools.

NTi paves the way for seamless integration between IBM i and Microsoft .NET systems, allowing your teams to focus on innovation and value creation.

See documentation
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Create easily

Even without specialized IBM i expertise, you can easily harness the full power of this robust platform in your .NET applications.

From the development of intuitive user interfaces to the most complex algorithms, NTi makes the process of creating modern, complete applications more accessible and fluid.

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Beyond Data Management

NTi takes the interaction between .NET and IBM i to a whole new level, going far beyond data management.

This advance enables fluid, complete integration, encompassing administration, program reuse, command execution, job management, messaging and stored procedures, thus promoting more strategic, integrated use of IT resources...

See documentation

cost savings and flexibility

NTi transforms your infrastructure into a savings lever. Migrating your workloads becomes child's play, adaptable to any architecture.

This flexibility ensures easy scalability of your applications, resulting in significant cost reductions. Optimize your infrastructures for greater efficiency and substantial savings...

See documentation

sustainability and eco-efficiency

NTi improves energy efficiency by centralizing operations, reducing dependence on multiple servers and systems.

This eco-responsible approach fits in perfectly with a strategy of sustainable development, and is supported by the proven reliability of IBM Power systems, whose roadmap extends to 2037.

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use case

for every situation


performance and scalability

With Nti, the power and versatility of .NET makes it possible to provide IBM i services that can be consumed by all web technologies, whatever the load.

cas d'utilisation Nti, micro-services, performances et scalabilité


Benefits right away

With NTi, .NET/IBM i workloads can be consolidated on the most powerful, secure and cost-effective infrastructure.

cas d'utilisation Nti, application conteneurisée sur POWER


All IBM i resources

By providing access to IBM i commands, programs and databases, NTi lets you reuse existing software, preserve your know-how and modernize your IBM i over the long term.

cas d'utilisation Nti image, modernisation IBM i, accès à toutes les ressources


Embedded and autonomous.

By offering native support for all architectures (x86, ARM, Power...), NTi opens up new possibilities between the IBM i and embedded/real-time systems.

cas d'utilisation Nti image, edge computing et IOT (internet des objects)

Integrating guide


Our product is designed to be intuitive, eliminating any technical complexity.
With NTi, installation and configuration are simple, with no external dependencies. So you can concentrate on the essentials.

Icône de connecteur représentant les prérequis du produit NTi.


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Icône de roue crantée représentant l'installation du produit NTi.


  • Download NTi from the NuGet package manager.
  • NTi can work in conjunction with DAPPER, a lightweight ORM, for efficient interaction with databases.
  • NTi doesn't need external dependencies like ACS, simplifying the process.
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Icône de plateforme de configuration illustrant la configuration du produit NTi.


  • Install the license key on the IBM i for secure communication
  • Enable or disable SSL according to your security and connectivity needs.
  • NTi integrates seamlessly by simple referencing into your .NET project.
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Icône indiquant la possibilité d'utiliser NTi, avec le symbole Play.

And it's as simple as that!

In record time, less than 20 minutes, you'll be amazed at how quick and easy NTi is to set up.


Are you thinking of integrating Aumerial's NTi into your business and have some questions? You are in the right place !

Our FAQ section is here to provide you with clear, precise and useful answers to the questions most frequently asked by our potential customers.

We regularly update our FAQ to reflect the latest product developments and to include new questions that emerge from our user community.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is always ready to help you and to enrich this section with new relevant information.

How does Aumerial's NTi license for IBM i work: per user or per server power? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

Only one license is required per IBM i partition, regardless of server power.

Once this license has been acquired, the company is free to use it for an unlimited number of users and on as many servers as it wishes, without any restrictions.

How much does the license cost? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

The cost of the NTi license is €3,000 ex VAT per year. This price allows unlimited use in terms of users and servers.

How much does maintenance cost? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

There are no maintenance costs. NTi has undergone 6 years of research and development, with all bugs and potential problems resolved upstream.

We offer a reliable, stable, and definitive product. We've taken the time necessary to do this, with the aim of eliminating the risk of end-users ending up with incomplete versions. This doesn't mean that there won't be enriched versions over time: they will be available free of charge on NuGet.

We are also committed to maintaining upward compatibility between versions, as is the case with both IBM and Microsoft .Net.

How does technical support work for users? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

There is no specific technical support for NTi, as its use does not require any specific technical knowledge.

NTi relies on widespread and universal skills such as languages C#, SQL, and HTML, in addition to the use of an IDE like Visual Studio or its free variant, Visual Studio Code.

Which NTi version should I choose for my configuration? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

There is only one version of NTi available, designed to be universally compatible with all configurations without distinction.

What versions of IBM i does NTi run on? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

NTi is compatible with all versions of AS400, IBM i, iSeries, as long as a TCP/IP connection and RJ45 port are available.

However, it's important to note that, while it's possible to recover data from older machines, it's not recommended to rely on versions prior to V5R4 (launched in February 2006) for regular enterprise operations.

Which version of .Net? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

NTi is compatible with versions of .Net 6 and later and Mono.

Microsoft .Net works on Windows, but what about other environments (Linux, Android, iOS)? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

From .Net 6 onwards, it is possible to publish your application on all architectures (ARM, AMD64, X86, ppc64le, etc.) and platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.), as long as they support a .NET runtime, which is now the case for most of them.

What's more, thanks to Docker, any environment capable of running a Docker instance can host a containerized .Net/NTi program. The target configuration is determined when you use the PUBLISH option in Visual Studio.

What third-party software must be installed to run .NET/NTi? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

No third-party software needs to be installed to run .NET/NTi.

You can forget about software such as ACS, ODBC, and others....

So how does NTi fit in? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

NTi does not require traditional installation. It is simply referenced via NUGET within your current .Net project, using Visual Studio's built-in function.

What about security if NTi can be referenced via NUGET? All I have to do is create an application that accesses an IBM i partition to steal data, for example? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

No, because for NTi to be operational, the IBM i partition must be equipped with a valid NTi license key. In addition, access requires a login and password, just like for a 5250 interface.

NTi operates at a very low level, with no dependence on third-party software, giving us complete control over logins and logouts for each transaction

This means there's no risk of a permanent or unintentional connection being left open, preventing the IBM i from becoming a source of vulnerabilities, unlike some products.

How sustainable is NTi? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

NTi's future is directly linked to that of IBM i and Microsoft .Net.

Do I need training to use NTi? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

You don't need any special training to use NTi. If you've mastered C#, SQL, and HTML, you're already up and running.

If I want to recruit, no one knows NTi and IBM i skills will scare everyone away. Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

Write your ad like this:

Recruiting .NET Developer
Knowledge required: C#, SQL, HTML, Visual Studio.
Knowledge desired: Docker containerization, ChatGPT.

And that's all, like Monsieur JOURDAIN who wrote prose, your recruit will be working with IBM i and NTi without knowing it.

NTi offers high-performance access to the data on my IBM i, but I also have a whole fund of RPG and COBOL programs vital to my business, with highly specialized algorithms. Will I lose some of my know-how if I adopt .NET? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

No, you won't lose your specialized know-how by deploying .Net applications. NTi has been designed to make full use of your IBM i's resources. You can call RPG and COBOL programs, including S36 programs, directly from .Net or Docker, and integrate their results into your C# code.

What's more, you can reuse your stored procedures and web services, and manage message queues...

NTi has been designed so as not to lose any of the richness of an IBM i in a company.

If I use .NET with NTi to modernize my IBM i, am I sacrificing access to advanced technologies such as AI and Cloud architectures? Flèche FAQ menu drop downAumerial

Quite the opposite: keep the intrinsic qualities of your IBM i! By using .NET with NTi, you don't cut yourself off from the latest technologies. On the contrary, it allows your IBM i to benefit from modern advances. Everything .NET has to offer becomes accessible to the IBM i:

  • Containerization with Docker
  • Artificial intelligence with ChatGPT, which masters C# and can automatically generate much of the necessary code
  • Access to various Cloud services, including Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365

.NET serves as a graphical interface for the IBM i, a feature that the IBM i never fully integrated despite numerous attempts.

I've installed Visual Studio 2022, which offers a multitude of project possibilities for different languages, environments and techniques. What projects does NTi support? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

NTi is designed to be extremely versatile, supporting all project types offered by Visual Studio 2022, whatever the language, environment or technique chosen.

If I work with several AS400s of different versions, including very old versions, is it possible to manage them simultaneously in a single C# program? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

Of course, it's perfectly possible to address several AS400 machines with different versions in the same C# program. For example, you can read data from a machine in V7R5 and write it to a machine in V5R4, or even older versions.

This flexibility is possible provided that the data types are compatible between different machine versions.

After merging with another company, we inherited an AS400 system, but our expertise is mainly focused on SQL Server and Oracle. How can we effectively integrate this AS400 into our current technological environment? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

You might indeed wonder about compatibility with your existing environment centered on SQL Server and Oracle.

Fortunately, .NET, capable of handling almost any database, can easily be integrated with NTi. This enables seamless interaction between DB2 for i and the database systems you already use, ensuring efficient collaboration between the different systems.

When implementing .NET to modernize my customer's IBM i, is it necessary to work physically on site to deploy the applications? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

Your account management team doesn't need to physically meet the customer to deploy applications using .NET on IBM i.

Everything can be efficiently managed remotely.

Some digital service companies (DSCs) are considering using NTi for their customers. Thanks to its simplicity, integrated approach and lack of versioning constraints, NTi can generate significant savings.

Our IBM i has already been upgraded with various software packages other than NTi and .NET. How will NTi integrate into our existing environment without disrupting our current systems? Flèche FAQ menu drop down Aumerial

NTi has been specifically developed to maintain the collaborative aspect of .NET, allowing a .NET executable to interact with any existing application.

One of NTi's fundamental design principles was to create a product that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, rather than replacing it.

However, it is still possible to choose to renew and replace your existing systems entirely if this is more in line with your objectives.