Docker overview


Link2i for docker does not exist as such. After targeting Link2i in Docker, we designed and adapted the Link2i modules upstream to achieve this goal. Therefore, it is possible to place an applicative developed with .NET Core in container using exclusively the standard tools developed by Microsoft and integrated with Visual Studio. The constraints for using Link2i in Docker only concern the configuration of the system that will host it. The IBM Power i is usable from the V5R4M0.

Hardware requirements

For prototyping purpose, the following configuration is sufficient:

  • Virtualizable CPU
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • Two Ethernet adapters, one for the Power i, the other for the Internet. An adapter on a USB port perfectly suits.

Software requirements

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro, 2016, 2019.
Software which has to be installed or accessible:

  • .NET Core 2.1 to download here
  • A Link2i Server with Link2i Gateway
  • Link2i for WCF
  • Link2i for .NET Core
  • Docker minimum to download here
  • Visual Studio from version 2017 V15.8.4
  • Visual Studio Tools for Docker to download here
  • IBM i Access for Windows from V6R1M0 or IBM i Access Client Solutions. The totality of the options that make up these products must be installed.

Docker configuration:

  • Docker itself : let yourself be guided by the installation interface.
  • When Docker is installed and started, run the appropriate Docker / WCF command in your Windows PowerShell (admin) window depending on your version and Windows release. You will find the variants of orders here