.NET Core overview


LINK2i can be used in .NET Core environments using WCF web services.

Setting up LINK2i in .NET Core environments

Prerequisites to get started with LINK2i in .NET Core environment:

To get started with LINK2i in .NET Core environments, we are providing you with the implementation of all LINK2i functions in a WCF Service project. You can download it on our GitHub . Copy the source in a new WCF Service library and host it on your Windows machine using IIS (Learn more about hosting WCF services with IIS  on Microsoft documentation) Once the WCF service is hosted and runs, simply reference the WCF Service from a .NET Core project and start using LINK2i functions through the service.

Remark: You can develop and publish your own WCF Service using LINK2i functions from .NET Framework and use it from .NET Core

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